Deer Hunting With Your Wife

Deer Hunting With Your Wife

Deer Hunting With Your Wife.

Rifle season opened here in Kentucky on Saturday.  Which means you can hunt deer with a rifle.  Which means my husband has been in the woods for the past 5 days.

It is hard to explain deer season to folks who don’t hunt.  It’s kinda like Christmas.  Except instead of gifts, you get to gut a deer.

My husband invited his brother and 2 nephews to come to our place and hunt for the weekend.  They joyfully came.

My mother-in-law came too, but she didn’t hunt.  We ladies, hung around the homestead.  All we did was cook and eat.  Then we ate and cooked.   Everyone had a blast.  My jeans are tight.

Deer hunting begins at an ungodly, horrible, early hour when it is still dark.  Deer are nocturnal.  They sleep during the day & go out at night to eat and do whatever deer do.  This means that the best time to hunt for deer is first thing in the morning when the sun is rising, or at the end of the day when the sun is setting.  These are the times of day when the deer are “moving.”   In the morning they are coming in to “bed down” for the day.  In the afternoon the deer are heading out for the night.

There are folks who hunt in the middle of the day.  Not us,  we generally hunt the mornings (aka:  the middle of the night) & evenings and spend the afternoon napping.  Naps are important, especially since we got up before the sun, roosters, and everything else.

We have our best luck in the evenings around here.

Off they go!  Good Luck boys!

Even the kids love deer season.  Of course, my husband will be the one doing the hunting.

The short guy is going along for the fun of it.  He will sit next to his daddy & “help look for deer.”

I have been hunting.  My husband has taken me several times.

Here’s my version of the experience:

It’s freezing.  I’m cold.  Because it’s freezing, my nose is running.  BUT I can’t sniff or snort or blow my nose because that would make noise.  And when you are deer hunting you aren’t allowed to make any noise.  At all.  No noise.  So, I just sit there and silently gag on snot.  I also have to remain still and quiet even if my nose is running down my face.  Silence is king.  No noise.  So, the minutes tick into hours while I sit in silence trying not to drown in my own snot.

Just keep sitting.  Just keep sitting.  Trying to not choke, cough, gag, sniff, and whatever you do,  don’t make any noise!  We sit for about 3 hours and shiver silently waiting for a deer to show up.  Finally, it is time to go home.  I burst into a gagging, coughing, snorting symphony of noises.  And we go home.

fall hunting Collage

Here’s my husband’s version of the same day.

“That was the most fun I’ve ever had with you.”

While I was trying to not die, he was having the time of his life.

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