Going to See Santa…

Going to See Santa…

We go to BASS Pro Shop every year before Christmas.

It adds to the running around like a chicken with your head-cut-off experience of Christmas week.

I don’t want to rain on any Santa-parades, so without giving away too much I’ll just say that I have “big-kids” and they are on to the program.  Just because they are on to Santa, does not mean I can go without my Santa picture.  It is a tradition and I expect to continue getting “Santa pictures” when my kids are 45.  I like my Santa Pics.

So, we went to Bass Pro Shop.  Because, you know, the REAL Santa is there.  It is also a bonus that there is an entire Christmas Wonderland filled with games, crafts, reindeer, fictional characters, and snowball fights.  It is worth the trip.


My husband wanted to get there at 10:00.  They opened at 10:00.  Santa began receiving children at 10:00.  So 10:00 is when we should be there.  BUT, he married me.  So we got there at 10:45 and the line to see Santa was over the hills and through the woods.  Or, maybe, over the stream and to the giant fish tank is more accurate.

So, the standing in line began.


To pass the time, we took pictures of each other.


We took pictures of the stuffed, wild-life.


We even took a picture of Mrs. Claus.


I have this child.  He is interesting.  He loves hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.  I’m pretty sure he’d live in the woods if we’d let him.  He also loves wrestling, any Wii games that involve destruction, and he prefers to go without a shirt.  I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t wear clothes if we’d let him.

He’s a piece of work and a ton of fun.  I am a lucky girl to be his mommy.

Mrs. Claus decided she would strike up a converstation with this child.  The rest of us just watched the show to see what he would say.  Here’s how it went:


Mrs. Claus:  “Did you meet Rocky Racoon?”

My 7 year old:  “Yes.”

Mrs. Claus:  “Did you know that he is my very favorite raccoon in the whole world?”

7 Year Old:  “I don’t like raccoons.”

Mrs. Claus:  “Oh, Rocky is a very friendly raccoon.  Why don’t you like racoons?”

7 Year Old: “Because they eat our chickens.”

Mrs. Claus:  “OH!  I’ll be sure Santa puts him on the naughty list.”

7 Year Old:  “That’s good.”



The waiting finally ended and we saw the big guy.


They even have a merry-go-round inside the building.  The 7 year old who doesn’t like raccoons is riding the moose.

DSC03298 - Copy

We had a great time!

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