Cattleman’s Field Day

Cattleman’s Field Day

Out here in the country there is an annual Cattleman’s Field Day.

It is provided by our local UK College of Agriculture Extension Office.


There were over 150 friendly folks in attendance this year.


Mostly cowboys.  A few cowgirls.


And approximately 3 kids.  Thanks to us.  Always happy to provide some diversity to an event.

I think I missed the memo about the hats.  I was one of 10 people not wearing a hat.  A-hem.

Next year, I’ll wear a hat.


We were hauled, driven…… um……. pulled by giant tractors on giant wagons full of haybales.  I guess you could call it a hayride.  My kids did.

The tractors stopped at designated spots on the farm to teach us about being effective cattlemen (or women)………….. and how to wear hats.

Just kidding about the hats.  They taught us all sorts of cattleman-type things about….. cows.

There were experts in different areas including:   hay quality/storage,  pasture management,  rotational grazing, feeding solutions, tracking profitability and hat selection.

The views were incredible.


I saw pastures.


I saw cows.


I saw the biggest pile of corn I’ve ever seen in my life.

When our tractors pulled us back into the main shed, dinner was waiting for us.


Fried potatoes, baked beans and grilled steaks- of course!


We sat on hay bales in the barn and ate our dinner.  Thank you cattleman for the steaks!

I liked the educational talks about raising beef cattle.

I liked the hayride.

I liked the steak dinner.

But,  the most memorable part of the entire afternoon was just before dinner……….


When 150 cowboys took off their hats and asked the blessing.

It was a good night.

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