6 Reasons To Drink Maple Sap

6 Reasons To Drink Maple Sap

I drank maple sap this week.  It is also known as maple water.  We have gallons of it.  It’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s even healthy.

Maple water is the pure sap tapped from the maple tree.  It is not sticky like the sap you find in Christmas trees.  It is approximately 98% water, 2% sugar.


It tastes great.  Drinking maple water is like drinking water that is slightly sweet.  It does not taste like pancakes, or like watered down syrup.  It tastes just like water with a tiny sweetness.


It’s all natural and only 15 calories per 8 once serving.  There are companies who are bottling maple water and selling it.  One of the companies claims that pure maple water can contain 46 vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and probiotics.  Wow!  If my maple sap contains only 1/2 of the nutritional content – it’s still quite impressive.

Maple water also provides electrolytes, minerals, amino and organic acids, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Antioxidants are proven little super foods that boost your immune system and increase collagen. This means by drinking it you can potentially be healthier and look younger!


It is naturally hydrating.  Maple water easily replenishes your bodies fluids and electrolyte needs before during, or after a workout.  Because the molecules in maple water are the same size as the fluids found naturally in the body, it is absorbed more rapidly and easily.


I like raw food.  Food that has not been processed, pasteurized, sterilized or tampered with.

Some folks sterilize maple water, others consume it raw.

I’m a nut and drink my maple water straight from the tree.  I also drink raw milk, eat raw eggs, and like my beef rare.  Unless you are sure you are not going to poison yourself, don’t try this at home.  Normal people might want to sterilize the sap before consuming it.  Without proper collection and handling, drinking this raw could make you sick.


It’s free.  If you have maple trees on your property, or just one maple tree in your back yard, you can potentially capture gallons of this delicious beverage.


Maple water is about as organic & natural as a beverage can get.

I like it.



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