5K Update

5K Update

I’m still running trying to run.

I’ve quit using the “couch to 5K” app because I hate it.

Somedays I feel like I’m making progress and other days I can’t even run a half a mile.  Is this normal?  I find that if I try to run in the late afternoon (after 5:00) it’s pointless.  I can’t do it.  I’m exhausted.  I have no energy.  I simply have no stamina.

I am much more successful when I (try to) run before lunch.

There is definitely progress.  It’s not much, but it’s better than it was.  I can now run a mile without stopping.  Thanks to DH, I figured out that I was running too fast.  I slowed my pace and am much more comfortable for much longer periods of time.

Slowing my pace is also helping me breathe.  I’m starting to get the hang of it:  For 2 paces I breathe in through my nose and for 2 paces I breathe out through my mouth.  This works for a while – then I have to do some hyper-mouth-breathing for about 6 seconds.  Once I get some oxygen I can go back to the 2-in-2-out rhythm.

I apologize for all the chatter about my attempts to run.  If you have never run – I recommend you stay on the couch and don’t put yourself through this sort of pain and suffering.

I am going against every natural instinct I have.  When I am running my body is screaming for me to stop.  When I get to the 1-mile point, my body is aching for rest and air.  I do not know this “runners high” that people speak of.

I’ve decided music helps.  The song Royal by Lorde is the perfect tempo for me to run jog to, breathe and not die.

I’m not giving up.  I have been able to run 1 mile straight without resting the past 3 times I’ve gone out.  As sad and pathetic as it probably sounds to all you marathon folks out there, running a mile straight is quite the accomplishment for me.  4 weeks ago I couldn’t run at all.  Progress!

How am I going to get to the 3-mile point?  Well, I’m pretty sure I could keep running if I weren’t suffocating.  I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.

I am training 3-4 times a week.  My goal is 2 miles each time I go.  I try to run most of it – but I do slow down to catch my breath few times.  I don’t stop until I reach 2 miles.  Each week I am able to run more and am walking less.

I must say that although I have yet to enjoy the actual ‘running process’ I do love the “after running” satisfaction.  It’s great.  When I finish stretching and climb into the shower I am one proud, happy girl.

Unfortunately, you may have to hear me groan and complain about running until late spring.  This is when the 5K is scheduled to happen.

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Photo Credit: Stanwick races

Did I tell you about the 5K we are running?  It’s a Glo Run.  I think it is perfect.  With the exception of one thing…

  • It’s at night.   Since I can’t run 1/4 of a mile after 5 pm I’m going to load up on juice (from my juicer) prior to the race.
Image result for glorun pics

Photo credit: ClearLake/5kGloRunWalk

Here’s what’s great about the 5K we are doing:

  • It will be dark (because it’s in the evening).  This works for me.  Maybe no one will notice how horrible I am at running and that I can’t breathe.
  • It’s a Glo Run.  Glow sticks and neon clothing everywhere.  Seeing DH in a glowing, pink shirt is motivation enough to see this thing through till the end.
  • There’s a party at the finish line.  This, friends, is what will get me to the finish line.  Music, food, beverages.  Yes.  I can run to that.

Once it’s over I plan to return to the couch.

Maybe I’ll change my mind between now and then.  We’ll see!


Cj (still not a runner)

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