There’s Something in My Boot

There’s Something in My Boot

My boots are in the garage by the back door.  This is where the boots are kept.  Our garage is clean, and somewhat organized.  We even have cats out there keeping the garage free of critters, mice, or any unwelcomed guests.

I went into the garage to put on my boots this morning.  I put the left one on.  I shoved my other foot in the right boot to find a….. a….. something was in the toe of my boot.


Probably a sock.  A squishy sock.

I took my foot out of my boot so I can reach down into it and grab the squishy sock.  On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t stick my hand in the boot.  What if it’s not a sock?

What could it be?

A toy?

A….. mouse?

A…… gulp……. snake?

So, I decided not to stick my hand into the boot.  I went for the “turn it upside down and dump it out” method.

I’m glad I did.

Here is what came out of my boot.


So, I screamed.  Twice.  My daughter had already headed to the milking parlor.  She heard me.  My husband was in the house.  I think he heard me.  I have 3 other children within earshot.

Do you think anyone came to save me from the frog?


These things hop you know.

My boot was in close range to the attack frog and I wanted to be sure I didn’t become the target.

So, I took a deep breath.  I mustered up the courage and grabbed my boot.


Look at the size of that guy.

I grabbed my boot and then….. I think….. should I put it on?  A frog spent the night in it.  Should I clean it first?  Do frogs poop?  Do they pee?  Do they puke?

Did the frog poop, pee or puke in my boot last night?

I did the “dump out the contents of the boot” thing again & put on a sock & put on the boot.  I have a cow to milk.

I’m gonna just try not to think about it too much.

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