Community Service

Here at Farm Fresh for Life, we believe that education is the road to change.

So many people are eating a diet of dead food and don’t know it.

Masses are ignorant to the fact that most commercially raised animals are locked in feedlots, cages, and buildings.  If people knew how crops were chemically treated they would understand the value of organic.  If they knew how healthy pastured meat was they would probably be more supportive of local farmers.

Most of America is asleep when it comes to food production and the truth about how our groceries come to exist.

In addition to my commitment to this blog and its members, I am cruising through the towns and counties spreading awareness and teaching people that food matters. 

I am actively involved in our community and surrounding areas volunteering, teaching, and inspiring others to care about what they eat and how food is produced.

Here are some of the events we participate in:

  • AG-Day.  This is a local event held every fall in our county.  It introduces students to the world of agriculture and what an important role farmers play in our world.  They learn about large-scale farming, crops, hay, vegetable production, local commodities, and are introduced to a multitude of livestock.  We take our milk cow every year and teach hundreds of elementary children where milk comes from.
  • Farm Tours.  We have hosted, girls clubs, youth groups, church events, and community clubs here at our homestead.  Participants get to see how we raise livestock, tour the gardens and enjoy a farm-fresh treat.
  • Wild Flower Hunts.  Just like the name says, a flower identification expert comes to our farm and leads a group around the woods to photograph the native plants.  No picking allowed!
  • Free Classes.  We teach classes in the community to help others.  Topics have included: Cheesemaking, Butter-making, Breadmaking, Raw Ice-cream Churning, Master Gardening, How to Make Potting Soil, and Container Gardening.
  • Outdoor Women at Big Oaks.  What an amazing event this is.  Big Oaks is a 50,000-acre Wildlife Preserve in southern Indiana.  This event is open to ladies who are passionate about the outdoors.  Dozens of classes are offered including campfire cooking, archery, canoeing, firearms, kombucha making, master gardening, nature crafts and much more.  I have been privileged to teach the Master Gardening class the past several years.
  • Kentucky State Fair Commodities Breakfast, We serve with the Kentucky Sheep & Goat Producers at the Fair.  The incredible breakfast is served at 7 am to over a thousand hungry visitors.  All the food cooked and served is raised here in Kentucky and served by the folks raising it.
  • Local FFA,  We feel farming is a worthwhile business and want to encourage young folks to consider this as a career path.  We have partnered with the local schools and have sponsored several students so they can be a part of the Future Farmers of America program.     
  • The University of Kentucky Extension.  Our local extension office has been a treasured resource for our community.  They offer classes and events all the time.  4H, FFA, Kentucky Cattleman, homemaking/ sharing clubs, cooking classes, canning, freezing, drying, Cheesemaking, breadmaking, hunting, gardening, Master Cattleman, Cattleman Field Day, and so much more.  I have been a part of and taught many classes through our local extension office.

These are just a few of the events we continue to invest our time and life into.

This fall is already filling up with monthly classes and events.  We already have a butter-making class scheduled, raw milk ice-cream churn and of course, AG-Day 2018 coming in the next 2 months.

I am always looking for opportunities and events where we can teach and inspire people to care about food.

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