Light Hut Q & A

Light Hut Q & A

I wanted to clarify what kind of light bulb I am using in my light hut to grow all my baby seeds.

There are about a million different light bulbs for sale at most hardware stores (or even department stores).

To be sure you get the correct bulb that will thrill all your little plants and make them think they are in Cancun – this is the bulb you want:  

  • It is 15 Watts
  • It “replaces” a 60W bulb
  • It is “Daylight” not warm, not soft and not some other shade of light.  You want “Daylight.”
  • It is spiral in shape

If you have been standing in the light bulb isle for too long and can’t find this exact bulb – it’s OK.

Just get a spiral bulb between 13-15 watts (a 60 watt equivalent) in the daylight color.  Your plants should do fine.


When you screw it into place in your light hut it will look like this:

light hut bulb 2


Oh, when I was in my hut earlier checking on moisture & photographing the bulb for you guess what I found?

light hut bulb4

Baby plants!!  Squeal!

This could be you in 6 days if  you start your light hut.  So fun!

seeds planted

Let me know if you guys have any other questions.



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    February 12, 2016
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    February 25, 2016

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