Last Day!!!

Last Day!!!

This is the last day of my current prohibition from all foods I did not obtain from my own hands.

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It’s been 100 days & today at midnight marks the completion of 101 days.

If you are confused, here is the quick recap:

So, I did it. I didn’t starve.  I lived to tell.  And tonight at midnight, I can eat anything on earth.

Yes, I am considering staying up til midnight to eat pie and ice cream.

Yes, I have BIG celebration plans for tomorrow and Thursday and the next 2 weeks.

What I will be eating for my Grand Dinner Celebration to break this incredible, health-inducing, weight loss causing, 3 1/2 month long dietary restraint?

A burrito.

No, I don’t want fish or cereal or pasta.  I don’t want rice or beans or cake.

I want deep-fried, mouth-watering, Mexican crunchiness.

I’m going to inhale an enormous, chicken stuffed, queso smothered, guacamole topped, deep fried burrito with 2 gallons of chips and salsa.  Please and thank you.

Yes, I know.  I’m gonna be sick.

I don’t care.

I may actually eat 2 burritos.  I have missed many scrumptious, large burrito dinners that need to be eaten.  I could eat Mexican food 7 times a day and still want to eat it tomorrow.  Since I have been burrito free for 14 1/2 weeks I figure I need to eat at least 85 of them just to get caught up.  I am pretty sure 14 1/2 weeks is as long as one can survive without eating Mexican food.

I’ve never been able to pick a “favorite food” when asked.  I think I’ve finally found it.

I love Mexican.

This has been the most constant love, crave and lust of my flesh since the beginning.

My desire for sugar, carbs, avocado and Nutella have all ceased and desisted.  Yet, I still dream of fried burritos.

When asked what the first thing I want to eat is when this bloody thing is over I do not think about any thing sweet, creamy or from a cardboard box….. all I can think is… “burrito.”

What else is on the eating agenda for the next few days?

  1. Ice cream – any kind.  Any flavor.  I do not discriminate when it comes to ice cream.  Real cream, real sugar, real ingredients & I’m a happy clam.
  2. Peach Cobbler – I have the most killer recipe for Peach Cobbler.  It is beyond heavenly.  Yes, I am working on getting it on the blog.  It is such a dream to eat and unlike any other cobbler.  It’s made with heavy cream, so it’s rich, decadent and deeply satisfying.  Because of my current starvation plan, I have not had a peach cobbler this year.  Poor me.  We have a peach groove on our property & I only make this cobbler when the peaches are “on.”  Peach season has come and gone and I haven’t had a bite of this Holiday-Worthy, summer dessert.  I did make one for DH last month because I’m awesome.  I watched him eat it like it was the season finale of 90201.  I interrogated him the entire time he was trying to enjoy his dessert.  Is it so good?  Is it as good as last year?  Is it creamy & buttery?  Is it the best thing you’ve ever eaten?  Am I the best cook in the world?  How much do you love your wife?  Yes, this is what it’s like to be married to me.  Grin.  I am happy to say that I have dozens of fresh peaches in the freezer & at least 20 hiding in a bottom drawer of my refrigerator so I too can eat peach cobbler before the sun sets on the peaches.
  3. Crunchy food – Oh.  Good.  Heavens.  You have noooooooo idea what it is like to be deprived of all things crunchy.  I have always been more of a “salty girl” than a “sweet girl.”  If you offer me a cake for dessert, I’d probably rather have a second helping of mashed potatoes.  Or maybe some tortilla chips & homemade guacamole.  Desserts are not the most tempting thing for me.  If it’s not a home run it’s just not worth it.
  4. I am so, so, sorry that I am going to say this – but I may need some Chick-Fil-A.  I know it’s evil, non-organic, GMO-filled and basically bad, bad bad stuff.  But, it tastes so, so good.
  5. NUTS!!!!!!  Walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazel nuts, sunflower seeds, any nut/seed will do.  I’m gonna put these in the “crunchy” department.  Boy, have I missed having a little “bite” in my salad, my breads, my snacks.  I already bought 10 pounds of various nuts this week at the store with eager anticipation.  I will consume them all by Sunday.
  6. Doughnuts – and not just any doughnuts.   When I was a little girl, my Daddy would sometimes take me to work with him on Saturday.  One of my favorite parts of going to work with Daddy on Saturday was visiting a bakery that was 1 block away from his office.  It was owned and operated by a man who had moved here from Germany.  He brought his doughnut recipe with him.  I am so pleased, that this recipe is still in circulation, alive and well and for sale 1 block from where my Daddy’s office was so many years ago.  The business has changed hands, but the recipes were sold with the business.  If you want to eat a fresh doughnut straight from Germany, you can too!  I do not even want to know what is in them because it may discourage my enthusiasm and love.  I’m going to take the “don’t look- don’t find” approach to this one.  These doughnuts can even compete with Krispy Kreme which is hard to do if you ask me.  I am with Tim Hawkins all the way when he says that eating a Krispy Kreme Doughnut is like “Eating an Angle.”  Seriously, when I eat those things I don’t even taste the first 2.  They just melt.
  7. Anything from my Dad’s grill.  No one can grill like my father.  He has one of those Mac-Daddy, outdoor, summer kitchens that involve appliances that are nicer than the ones in my house.  Anything that comes out of that magical place is something I want to eat.  Dad, I’m coming over!
  8. Fish, Crab legs & Lobster.  Anything from the sea.  I’m going on a land-lubber vaca.  Seafood is sounding mighty fine right now.  I’ve had over 3 months of pastured mammals & am ready for some new, lighter perspective.

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What I am NOT going to eat:

  1. Nutella.  Oh, how I hate and love you.  I have a dysfunctional relationship with Nutella.  A very unhealthy, very dysfunctional, problematic relationship.  The problem is that it tastes like The Promised Land and gives me heart palpitations (I’m thinking these are not a good thing).  I’m not sure if the increased heart rate is due to love or glycemic index overload.  Either way, I think it’s probably best that I stay away from foods that have this effect on me.  Not to mention, I’m pretty sure that someone who hasn’t had ANY sugar in 101 days, shouldn’t start off on Nutella.  Baby steps, people.   I’m pretty sure if I were unleashed,  unsupervised and unrestrained with an open container of Nutella right now we would both die (the tub of Nutella & me).
  2. Anything processed (other than Chick-fil-A).  No food from boxes.  No food made by companies.  No food that comes through the car window.  No food that doesn’t exist in nature.  I can hardly comprehend the fact that I haven’t consumed any hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s,  chemicals, pesticides, additives, colors, or other artificial ingredients in 101 days.  My body must be thrilled, cleansed, and detoxed.  I am not in a hurry to reinfect it just yet.
  3. Vegetables.  I think I have met my quota for vegetable intake for the next 4 years.  Things like cucumbers, peppers and quarts of green beans have made up more meals than I care to mention over the past 3 months.  I do still love my veggies, and I know my Mommy would not approve of my avoidance of them for any amount of time – but I’m am pretty sure there will be a vegetable strike for at least a few days.  Gack.  No more turnips.
  4. Beef, pork or duck.  It makes me somewhat queasy to even think about eating another steak right now.  And I have always adored a good steak.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder & my heart needs a little break from red meat.

As much as it feels deserved & I would love to take a week away from my kitchen, I don’t see that happening.  Since we live in the middle of nowhere, and DH doesn’t cook and my daughters are still cooks in training.  If I don’t cook, we don’t eat.  I may still be the CEO of the Kitchen, but this weeks menus are going to include:  sandwiches, grilled cheese, BLT’s and whatever I can find in the freezer to heat up.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to begin the festivities with pie and Coffee for Breakfast.

Let the Party Begin!

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Stay Healthy, People!



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