Flower Pots in Fall

Flower Pots in Fall

I really like flowers.

The time, watering, pruning and general care is worth it for me.  I love being on my back porch surrounded by my assortment.  I plant different varieties each year and love them more than the last every time.

For me they are joy, joy, joy.  I usually purchase them from the amish folks for next to nothing, or grow them myself.  They don’t cost me much and they make me happy.  

This is what my back porch looked like in early October.  The flowers were still hanging in there.  They survived the heat of summer.  The survived the drought of August.  The were still blooming and making my back deck look fancy.

In October we got some pumpkins to keep the flowers company.

Then it snowed on Halloween.  The pumpkins didn’t mind the white stuff, but it was the end of the petunias.

Now, my pumpkins are all alone.

and my porch is naked.


DH is always happy when flower season ends.  No dirt spilling on the porch.  No flowers shedding on the porch.  No leaves littering on the porch.   He likes things neat, clean and orderly. He likes the back porch naked.





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