2 Reasons You Need a Screened-in Back Porch

2 Reasons You Need a Screened-in Back Porch

My favorite room in my house is my back porch.  Technically, it’s not a room.  Technically, it’s also not in the house.  But it’s my favorite.

porch 5

I know there are folks who buy, build, rent, and love a home simply for the farmer’s porch on the front.  I’m down with farmer’s porches.  I’m a fan too.  If someone wanted to put a farmer’s porch on the front of my house for free – I’d say, “Yes, Please!”


Nothing compares to a screened-in back porch.

No bugs.  No sun.  Cool breezes coasting through.  Amazing views.  Comfy furniture with loads of pillows.  You can sit on your farmer’s porch and fight the mosquitos ……  I’ll be on the screened-in, back porch.

porch 2

There are 2 reasons you need to add a screened in porch on your homestead (or house) today:

  1. Eatin’
  2. Chillin’

porch 1


The outdoor dining area is the business section of the back porch.  Ours is fully equipped with a picnic table, a wrought-iron love-seat and a bench.  It’s perfect for spring, summer and fall meals outdoors.

No kitchen tables, floors or chairs to clean up after dinner.  Just let the dog on the porch and it will be clean in 3 minutes.  As long as you don’t mind having a basset hound stand on your picnic table.  Which I don’t.



Then there’s my favorite side.  The reclining side.  The one with the comfy couch, carpet and plenty of seating.

We added ceiling fans, a flat screen TV and a DVD player to make it even more awesome.  This is where you can usually find several children reading, drawing, snacking, playing and hanging out.

porch 2It’s so nice when the weather cooperates.  There’s no reason to ever go inside.  Unless you need a loo or food.  I guess there’re 2 reasons you may want to go in.  If you need a shower – there’s one just outside the porch door.

Yep, we have an outdoor shower. I highly recommend you get one too.


Why would we want to shower outside?  Why should you have an outdoor shower?  Why not?

I could make a list:  mud, ticks, dirt, creeks, sweat, cow pies, chicken-coop-yuck, filth, grime, pigs, muck, hay, straw, bugs and everything else.

FAVORITE 2The outdoor shower is great.  No dripping, muddy, filthy people running through my nice, clean house to get to a shower.  It even has hot and cold running water.  Woo Hoo!

porch 3

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Happy Summer!



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