Moving Baby Chicks To The Coop

Moving Baby Chicks To The Coop

It happens to us all (at least most of us).  We grow up.  Get big.  And move out.

Our chickens have outstayed their welcome in the brooder in the barn.  It’s been a good run, but the time has come for them to join the rest of the flock.

Signs it’s time to move the chicks to the coop:

  1. They don’t have fluff.  The yellow (or black, or red, or whatever color it was) fluff is gone and has been replaced by feathers.
  2. They have feathers.
  3. They are roosting on the heat lamp wires, feeders, waterers and anything else they can get on top of.
  4. They are getting big.
  5. They are out of chick food.

chick move7

As you can see, these young ladies are big girls, have feathers, and are ready for their forever home.

The relocation process around here always begins in a card board box.  We have about 30-something chicks to move.  Moving them by hand one at a time would take forever…. and be stupid.  So we use boxes.

We also use shoulders.  Which is also probably stupid.  This chick rode on my oldest chick’s shoulder to her new home.

We moved them in the evening and our current (full grown) flock was already in bed for the night.  Hello everyone!

We always introduce new chicks to our current flock in evening.   When we turn them out through the chicken door in the morning they will know 2 things:

  1. The coop is their new home and
  2. How to get back in the coop.

We deposited all the chicks onto the floor in the coop.  The ducks were down there to keep them company.

Welcome to your new home everybody!

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