I Thought I Was Dying

I Thought I Was Dying

Did I tell you that in January I thought I was dying.

I did.

I didn’t die.  I thought I was going to die…… of a brain tumor.

Before I tell you the story I want you to know that it wasn’t a brain tumor, I didn’t die and I am fine.  Very Healthy.  No Tumor.  All good.  I have a friend who does have a tumor.  She is receiving very good care and her outlook is positive.  It breaks my heart to see people to go through these difficult struggles.

For more on why bad things happen, go here.


It also makes me paranoid that I may be suffering the same fate.  Anyone else?  Anyone?  Whenever there is an illness near me, somehow I decide I must have it too.

It’s like lice.  The instant someone tells me their child has lice my head starts itching.

Am I the only one?

Back to the story..

Now, as far as I knew, I was a healthy girl, but in January, I was sure I was going to die.

I felt drunk……. ALL THE TIME.  Don’t worry – I wasn’t drinking.  No alcohol, no drugs, no nothing – just feeling drunk for some unknown reason.

To say the world was spinning, was the understatement of the universe.  The world was doing loop-D-loops.  At times, I was holding on to furniture so that I would not fall over while walking through my living room.

If I watched a movie, I would get motion sickness.  It didn’t matter if I was standing, sitting, or laying down,  the spinning wouldn’t stop.

Sea Legs.   Have you ever spent a significant time on a boat or ship?  If you have, you may have experienced Sea Legs. Sea Legs is an expression for the rocking sensation you have on solid ground even after you have left the rocking ship.   I had sea legs in the worst way imaginable.

The only time the dizziness didn’t scare me was when I went to bed.  The spinning sensation felt like someone was rocking me, like a baby, to sleep.  This was the only nice part about being drunk for a month – I slept great.

After feeling drunk for 2 weeks & no signs of the ship stopping,  I decided I should get a second opinion.

I asked DH (my husband) what was wrong with me.  I told him I was drunk. I told him I had sea legs.  I told him everything was spinning. I told him I had a brain tumor.   I told him I was going to die. Just kidding.

He said,  “I don’t know.  Go to the doctor.  I run a pawnshop.”

So, I called the doctor the next day.  The nice lady who answered the phone told me that my doctor couldn’t see me for 2 weeks, but a nurse practitioner could see me tomorrow.”

When someone is dying of a brain tumor – they need a doctor…. so I took the appointment 2 weeks away and hoped I wouldn’t drop dead while waiting.

I didn’t die waiting for my appointment.

2 minutes with my doctor and she looked into my ears and remarked how much fluid was behind my right ear.  It wasn’t a tumor.  I wasn’t dying.  I had fluid behind my right ear.  Darn equilibrium.

After 2 weeks on Clariton  I wasn’t drunk anymore.

3 Lessons You can Learn from my ear fluid:

  • Lesson 1:  Just because you are dizzy does not mean you are dying.
  • Lesson 2:  Just because your neighbor has lice, and your head itches, it does not mean you have it too.
  • Lesson 3:  I may have issues.

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