Why I Started a Blog

Why I Started a Blog

I hadn’t really had to engage in the “where to hang the head of the giant, dead thing” dilemma yet, because my husband hadn’t yet bagged that perfect buck.  When he did get that glorious “mounter” we had a gun store with plenty of empty walls that were begging for carcasses. No problem. Perfect solution. The Pawnshop gets decorated, my living room remains a room of life, not death.

We were in the Pawnshop, standing at the counter. Mamaw said, “I feel sorry for all these men who have to hang their deer heads in their basements and garages.” I must have responded with a confused look because she continued,

“It’s their house too. The deer heads should be in their living rooms.”

Gulp. I smiled a little & pointed to my husbands new, trophy buck. Beautifully mounted, hanging on the wall …….. at the Pawnshop. Mamaw was clearly a little disappointed in me.  Then she said,

“Candi, that should be in your living room. He is your man. You love what he loves!”

Now, my husband & I have been married for over 20 years. Love him, Yes. Love hunting with him, Yes. Love life with him, Yes. Love cooking for him, Yes. Love his deer heads, Yes. Want those heads hanging in my living room staring at me while I cook dinner? No.

Mamaw is right. There is a lot of marriages that could benefit from practicing her advice, “You love what he loves.” This goes both ways. He also needs to, “love what she loves.” My husband shows interest in my garden. He helped me construct it. He fenced it in for me so the deer wouldn’t eat all my food. Even though he has never planted a seed or weeded my garden, he “loved what I loved.”

I shoot guns. I sit in deer stands for hours. I attempt to hit tiny disks flying through the air at 40 miles per hour because “I love what he loves.” I think this comes very easy while we are courting, dating and getting to know each other. It is harder to do once we have been married for 20 years. So, I will agree with Mamaw with the exception of 2 things:

  1. I don’t love dead things in my living room and

  2. I don’t love football.

Which brings me to my point.

Preseason football started this week. I do not like football. It puts me in a bad mood. I married a basketball watching, sneaker-wearing, preppy, Fraternity Boy. Football has NEVER been on a TV in our home, unless we were surfing and accidentally landed on football for a brief second before we promptly changed the channel to something more interesting, like tennis, or golf, or water polo, or anything but Football.

Somehow, 3 years ago, this all changed.

Ugh. Some evil person came into my husband’s world and brainwashed him into liking football.

Football has been on the TV in my house 4 times in the past 3 days. We are entering,

“This marriage has been temporarily interrupted for football”

season for the 3rd year.  I am bracing myself for 4-7 nights a week of men in shoulder pads & tights.  I need something to do while my husband had been transported into Football Land.

So, I started a blog.

The blog is growing and evolving weekly.  It has become a fun resource for anyone interested in reclaiming their food or learning about some old-fashioned ways to do life.

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