Bagel with Cream Cheese & Fresh Tomato

Bagel with Cream Cheese & Fresh Tomato

Whether you have 1 tomato plant, 20 tomato plants, or no tomato plants, you probably have plenty of tomatoes in your life right now.  Farmers markets are swimming in them.  Gardeners are drowning in them.  It is the season for tomatoes.

“Bagels with cream cheese & tomato”  is one of our favorite ways to consume fresh, homegrown tomatoes.


It is so easy.

It is so simple.

And it is , oh, so delicious.

It won’t sound impressive.

It won’t look all that spectacular.

But trust me,  you will never want your bagel and cream cheese again.  Well, you will want your bagel and cream cheese again – only with a tomato on top!

First toast your bagel (or your 6 bagels if you are me and need to feed 6 people).


While your bagel is toasting slice up your tomatoes.


Now it’s time to  smother the warm, toasty bagels with a generous layer of cream cheese.


Any cream cheese will do.  I sometimes make my own cream cheese, but today I am using the kind from Philadelphia.

Last we add the secret ingredient…………


Salt.  Trust me, you have to add plenty of salt to the tomato.   This will cause an explosion of flavors in your mouth.  The bagel is warm and crisp, the cream cheese is cold and creamy, the tomato is acidic and salty, the combination is out of this world.

At least, we think so.  Even my children love bagels with cream cheese and tomato.  We eat this for breakfast with coffee.  We eat this for lunch with fruit.  We eat this for dinner on hot days when no one wants to turn on an oven.  It is a quick easy meal when you have no time & lots of fresh tomatoes.

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