The Critters – Meet Some of the Animals at Our Place

The Critters – Meet Some of the Animals at Our Place

I thought I’d introduce the current cast of critters at our place.


This is Duke.  We rescued him through Basset Rescue.


He sleeps 25 hours a day.


This is Sophie, Poo-tat, Weenser- Schnitzel.  She has the ability to shed hair that floats and never lands.  She is the only cat in the world my husband can come within 10 feet of (that we know of).  She follows my children around like a nanny.  We love Sophie.

We have 2 other cats who live outdoors and keep the little furry things away.

free chickens

Here are some of our chickens.  We have currently have 22.  Our chickens are free range – so its pretty much impossible to get a picture of all of them.  They are everywhere.  To read how we keep them go here.


And more chickens up at the cow field.


Meet Porker, Zorro, and Snacks.  They eat, sleep, and build swimming pools. To read about our pigs go here.

Just let me know if you want them to build one at your place.

faith 2

Here is my beautiful cow Faith.  Technically, she is my daughter’s cow.   Faith has changed my life.  I never want to live without a milk cow.

baby crumple

This is Crumple.  He is our new calf.  This is also my 4 children.

Hi guys!

bottle calf

We got Crumple at the livestock auction to help out with the milking.  Crumple is very good at helping us milk.  To learn how we milk once a day go here.  

Because our farm is our hobby, it is an always changing, always evolving and growing.

Since the writing of this post we have added beef cattle, rabbits, ducks and potbelly pigs.  Be sure to subscribe so you’ll be in the loop on the latest critters around here.  Via email (here).




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