How To Open Something Home Canned

How to Open something home-canned.

I am big on self-preserving.  If it can be canned, I will usually can it.  Occasionally, when I go to serve the wonderful bounty from summer I can’t get the stinkin’ lid off.

When the screw caps are on too tight, I just bang it with the nearest blunt object & that usually frees things up.  Once the screw-ring is removed, there is the actual ‘lid’ to contend with.  If the can was processed in a water bath, the lids are usually easy enough to deal with.  A spoon or a strong thumbnail can pop those off in no time.  If the jar was pressure-canned, it may be an entirely different story.  Hulk himself couldn’t get my pressure-canned lids off.  I’m sure.

When the lid is on too tight I have been know to break 13 nails and expose my kids to colorful language before it is successfully removed.

My mother-in-law was here a couple of weekends ago.  She is alone a lot of the time and has to remove lids all by herself.

Use a bottle opener.  The generic kind of bottle opener that opens beer, wine coolers, and………….. tomatoes.

I’ve lived over 40 years and have broken over 400 fingernails prying these stupid lids off the jars.  It never occurred to me to use a bottle opener.


Don’t be like me.  Use a bottle opener.

I think, maybe, this is what they are for?

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