How to Skin a Chicken

How to Skin a Chicken

How to Skin a Chicken.

Warning:  This post includes blood & dead chickens.  If you don’t want to see dead, gangster roosters, you probably will want to skip this one.  🙂

There are 2 ways to deal with a chicken you want to eat:

  1. Pluck’em or
  2. skin’em

If you would like to know how to pluck them & keep the skin intact go here.

If you want to skin yours and be done in 2 mintues, keep reading…

We had 2 evil Roosters.  They charged my 2 youngest children.   They attacked everyone’s feet.  They chased 4-wheelers.  They were aggressive.  They were always together & attacked in pairs.

They were Gangster Roosters.

This little girl was charged by them too often.  All she’s trying to do is collect eggs.  The gangsters chased her all the way back to the house.

Today, she is celebrating.

Gangster Roosters No More.

This ninja warrior was constantly having confrontations with the Gangster Roosters.  The roosters always won.  It was not pretty.

So, the gangster roosters are in the freezer now.

When you are skinning chickens it starts the same (kill the chicken) and ends the same (meat in the freezer).  It’s just easier in the middle since you won’t need a pot of boiling water, plucking stations or 4 children to help you.

If you want to skin a chicken:

  1. First, we shoot the chickens to kill them.  We shoot ours in the head so the head is still intact.  If you want to skin a chicken you will need something to hang him from so you can slide off the skin.  LIke, a head.
  2. Second, we used a hatchet to chop off the wings and feet. (these get in the way when you’re skinning)
  3. Last, we hang the bird & take off his pajamas skin.

OK, everyone is dead, now lets get these boys hanging somewhere.

We sometimes hang them from rafters in the barn.  Sometimes we use nails in the side of the barn.  Sometimes we use trees.  Anything will work.  Just hang dude from his head & grab a sharp knife.

DH uses his Buck knife to loosen the skin around the neck & then just pulls it off.  You will be pulling off the skin & the feathers leaving behind a naked chicken.

It’s just like taking off their clothes.  Easy.

Here’s the pj’s with no chicken inside.

Now that the chicken is skinless let’s get the guts out.  We just leave them hanging for this part.  Use your knife to carefully open the bottom of the chicken.  Don’t bust the intestines or you will be sorry.  When the opening is big enough for your hand – just reach up in there and grab the innards and pull them out.  Reserve the heart, gizzard and liver if desired to bag with the chicken.

After pulling most everything out reach in with your hand and clean all the sides.  You just want to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

It’s not that gross.  It’s quite easy.

chicken die

All that’s left to do is wash & bag.

Gangster Rooster No Mas!

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