All I Do is Feed Children…… Anyone Else?

All I Do is Feed Children…… Anyone Else?

We went to our neighbors house for dinner last night.  I told her I’d bring some veggies.  So, I went out to the garden.

My garden is my black hole of joy.  Once I get out there time stops and anything that may have been on my mind vanishes.  All is right with the world.


When I am in my garden, time disappears.  I head out in the morning….. the next thing I know it is dinner.  It’s is crazy.  Magical.  How in the world does my garden do that?

Of course, I never get to stay in my garden until dinner because of the 4 small people who live with me and think they need to be fed approximately every 2 hours.

So, it never fails, while I am in weeding mode, planting mode or harvesting mode…… it is just a matter of time.

On this day, I was grabbing some fresh goodies to take to the neighbors for dinner.

Before long there were 4 small people hanging around asking what’s for lunch?

…… all but the youngest.  He is not asking what is for lunch.  He has transformed into a ravenous beast.  A violent beast who needs food.  His wrath shall be bestowed upon any local being that happens to be in his path.

This child doesn’t just get hungry or grouchy.  He get’s transformed.

Don’t let that blonde hair & baby blues fool you – he is no cherub.

If he’s hungry….

Just get out of the way.  My baby’s hungry.  Someone get him a biscuit.  Fast.


I always ask my children why they have to eat so often?

I swear, all I do is feed children.  I feed them and clean up after feeding them.  Then it is time to feed them again.  And clean up that mess.  Just so I can feed them again, and clean up again.

From morning til bedtime, the days revolve around feeding the little people.


All they do is eat.  Eat and outgrow their clothes.  Nothing else.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.  🙂

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