Experienced, Jersey, Family, Milk Cow for Sale (Gentle, Adorable, Healthy)

Experienced, Jersey, Family, Milk Cow for Sale (Gentle, Adorable, Healthy)


Update:  Rosie went to be with her new family the end of March 2017.  Thank you to everyone who reached out and showed interest in our sweet girl.  We couldn’t be happier that she has a new loving home.

We have made the difficult decision to sell one of our Jersey Milk-cows.  If you have ever dreamed of owning your own milk cow – this is a chance that doesn’t come along every day.  I’m not kidding.
There are lots of heifers for sale (never calved or been milked) – have fun training that.  There are lots of culls for sale – they are all for sale because something is wrong with them – trust me – been there, done that.  There are lots of skittish cows for sale – have fun getting kicked while you figure out how to milk.  There are lots of Jersey calves for sale – you will be drinking your first glass of fresh milk in 2 years…. ugh.
There are SO FEW trained, gentle, Jersey, fresh (making milk), family cows for sale.  AND if you can find one she usually costs $3000.
No thanks.
We are selling one of our sweet, Jersey cows which is an awesome opportunity for one of you!
Don’t worry, I’m not getting out of the cow business – I LOVE my milk-cow’s….  we just don’t need 2.
Right now we are milking 2 Jersey Cows.  We have a family of 6 and one cow provides enough milk for our family’s dairy needs.  We don’t need 2.  If we had unlimited pasture, feed, hay and someone in this house was a vet- then I suppose it would not be a big deal to carry 2 milk cows.  Milking 2 cows is not an issue.  It’s the feeding, the pressure on the land, the additional work of moving, minerals, vet bills, etc that add up.  It just doesn’t make sense for us to carry 2 milk cows when one is really all we need.
The second reason I have decided to sell one of our cows is to be a blessing.  By keeping Rosie (she is the gal we are selling) I am preventing her from being a blessing to some other family.
Rarely, will you ever purchase a cow and know exactly what you are getting.  Sorry folks, it’s true.  I’m old and cynical and I own a pawnshop.  Everyone is lying to you.  Everyone.  Even if they are good, upright, law-abiding citizens, not everyone is telling you everything.  We have experienced this first hand… over and over and over.
I suppose when a farm sells a cow they are just not going to sell their best one.  You can bet they are getting rid of a cow for some reason or another.  Once you get the cow home it shouldn’t take you long to figure out why.
The great news about my cow, Rosie, is that she is wonderful.  I have been milking her for 2 years and there is nothing wrong with her.  This, my friends, is a miracle.  If you have ever considered owning your own family milk-cow, or know someone who is interested in owning a milk-cow –


Rosie came to our farm 2 years ago and has given us 2 calves and gallons of fresh milk.  She is a Jersey and is the ideal cow for the family homestead.  Why?
  1. Jerseys are smaller in stature than other cows.  Jerseys average 800-1000 pounds.  This is small for a cow.  For someone who has never worked with cows the Jersey is a great choice because of their size.
  2. Jerseys are more efficient.  Jersey cows win the prize for consuming less and making more milk with the resources.  They won’t cost you as much in land or food (hay) and will give you the most milk and cream for what they eat.
    • “With the Jersey, we have an animal that is smaller, uses fewer natural resources and produces a smaller carbon footprint. We have a cow with a longer productive life that produces a more nutrient-rich milk that consumers are demanding and are willing to pay for.”  – James Ahlem, past-President, National All-Jersey Inc. 
  3. Jerseys produce the healthiest milk for human consumption.  Jersey milk contains  “15% to 20% more protein, 15% to 18% more calcium, and 10% to 12% more phosphorous, and also considerably higher levels of an essential vitamin, B12.”  –source
  4. Jersey cows make the richest milk there is.  Jerseys are treasured for their ability to make cream.  Unlike the Holstein, who gives the poorest milk, Jersey milk will leave you with plenty of cream on top for butter, sour cream, whip cream and ice cream!
  5. Gentle & easy to work with.  If you are new to milking, it is so important that your first cow is cooperative and friendly.  You will have quite a learning curve ahead of you and beginning your “milk-cow” lifestyle with an experienced cow can make all the difference in the world.
  6. Already Trained to be milked.  For the person who is new to milking, it is a good idea if one of you (you or the cow) knows what they are doing.  Training a first-time milk-cow to stand still & cooperate while you do your business all over her udder is probably not the best approach to begin a milking journey.  An experienced, family milk-cow may be more expensive than buying a heifer (never calved – or been milked before), HOWEVER, I think it is worth paying a little more so that the transition is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


  • Rosie is a Jersey cow.  Jerseys are on the small side (for a cow) and very friendly.  A man once told me, “If you want fresh milk and a friend for life, get a Jersey cow.”
  • She’s 3 years old – turning 4 soon (June)
  • She has delivered 2 healthy calves – One girl and one boy
  • She is “fresh.”  This means she is making milk right now
  • She is halter broke (wears a halter & can be tied up easily)
  • She is lead broke  (when you tie a lead ‘AKA: leash’ to her halter and pull on it she will follow)
  • She is dehorned
  • She comes to you when you call her
  • She adopted/ raised a foster calf in 2015 (this is great – not all cows will accept a foster calf).  Generally a cow won’t accept a calf unless it is hers.  Rosie is a great mama & happily accepted a orphaned calf
  • Her udder is healthy- and not huge.  This means less chance of milk fever
  • Comes in the milk barn happily and can be milked by electric milker
  • Stands still and easy to work with.  We do not own a stanchion.  Whenever we need to work with her:  vet checks, given shots, milked, etc. – we just tie her by her halter
  • She has never had Mastitis
  • She has never had Milk Fever
  • She has never had Ketosis
  • Rosie LOOOOOOOVES people.  She is about as friendly of a cow as you will ever meet.  Many milk-cows are cooperative and easy to work with, but will not let you pet them.  Rosie will not only “let” you pet her – she is quite affectionate and insistent that if you are near her field, you had better some give her a scratch behind the ears and some loving.  Our dear cow is more like a dog than a cow when it comes to rubbing and petting. She is the perfect family milk-cow and adores children.  The more the merrier!  If you have a houseful of kids and want a milk-cow- you need Rosie!
  • Rosie has been under our vets care while at our farm
  • All her vaccinations, deworming, delicing, and regular healthcare needs are met to date
I would have given anything to have had the opportunity to purchase a milk-cow from a like-minded family when we bought our first cow.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I had no idea what to look for.  I had no idea what problems I could be walking into by buying a milk-cow.
This is a great opportunity for some sweet family to get a great deal on a fantastic, milk-cow.  I am so excited for someone to begin this milk-cow journey and join me in the ranks of folks who have made the jump into milk-cow ownership.
Many folks love homesteading, chickens and farm life, but few ever make the life changing decision to get a a cow.  I will tell you it is altering.  It is not in the same league as owning a chicken, but it is wonderful.  I have owned milk cows for years and I love it.
A milk cow will forever change your daily life….. for the better.
Owning a family milk-cow has given me: freedom (from unhealthy milk and dairy products), flexibility (to milk or take time off with share-milking) and a richer, more abundant life.

When You Have A Cow You Have It All


Rosie is $1500 today.

She is an experienced milker.  She is fresh (we are milking her now).  Rosie is open.  This means that she is not pregnant.  We have Mr. Bull scheduled for May.
If you would like to purchase her after she is bred contact me & let me know.  There will be breeding costs and a pregnant cow is more valuable, so if you want her knocked up I can deliver but she will be more expensive.  $1800 is what we will be asking for her if we get her bred/ preg checked & all that jazz.
 I know there are ‘cheaper’ cows out there, but I feel like $1500 (or $1800 bred) is very fair price for what you are getting with Rosie.  She is not a sale barn special.  She is not a gamble.  She is not sick or defective.  She is tried and true and healthy and wonderful.  She is trained and ready to go.
If the scheduled “date” with Mr. Bull goes according to plan, Rosie will deliver her next calf in March of 2018.  This means she will need to be dry (stop milking her) in December so she can have her 3 month break before calving.  In case you aren’t paying attention – this means you will get to take December, January and February off of milking –


I should charge extra for the beautiful cycle she’s going on.  For planning purposes, in order to keep Rosie on this blessed schedule of Christmas Break and a spring calf – you’ll just want to get her bred each year in June.
Ta Daa!
Please let me know if you have any questions about Rosie.

You can contact me HERE or email me:  candi@farmfreshforlife.com

If you think you know someone who may be interested in her please forward this link to them.  We are excited for Rosie & her new family.  I know she will be such a blessing to them.
Love Y’all,

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