You Should Go To a Church Potluck

You Should Go To a Church Potluck

If you haven’t ever been to a church potluck you are missing out on one of life’s simple pleasures.

Everyone brings a covered dish & we all gorge ourselves on some good, old fashioned, home cookin’.

Let me tell you, out here in the country these folks can cook!
mamaw 3

Ladies like me & Mamaw.

Mamaw is the best cook in the world.  Anything she makes disappears first & you are blessed if you got a bite of it.  Papaw (her hubs) says her food is so good you could slather it all over your body.

No thanks.

I don’t like those imitation church potlucks where someone goes to WalMart and picks up fried chicken and a deli tray.

I like the old fashioned ones where the food is made by people, not corporations.


People like Mamaw and me.

mamaw 1

We took roughly 27 pictures of Mamaw on this day.  I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to get a picture of Mamaw with her eyes open and her mouth smiling at the same time.  Impossible.

Mamaw said that even when she was young and beautiful she couldn’t take a picture.

I love Mamaw.


This is Papaw.  The food slaughterer.

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