Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

Benefits of Getting Your Kids into Music

Why do we drive 20 minutes one way to another state every  Monday afternoon so my children can learn to play music?

  1. Improves academic skills
  2. Develops physical skills
  3. Teaches discipline and patience
  4. Boosts self-esteem
  5. Provides a  hobby (that does not involve an TV or game console)

For our weekly lessons we go to Madison, Indiana.  Madison was first settled in 1809 and has been called:

  • “The Most Beautiful River town in America” 
  • Best Preserved Town … 1997 Chicago Tribune.
  • Prettiest Small Town … 1998 Ladies Home Journal.
  • Midwest Living Magazine’s #4 pick for 100 Top Towns to visit.
  • Voted one the 12 best places to visit in America 2001.
  • Madison is The Largest National Historic Landmark District in America.

I am lucky to live so close to such a charming town.  It just so happens that Madison is home to the best place to take music lessons in the world.


It is 1 block from Dattilos.  My favorite Old fashioned Fruit Company.


It is 1 block from Ruler Foods.  My favorite place to shop.


Crawdaddy Music is absolutely the best because of this guy.  He is the reason my children love music.  He is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.  He’s laid back, patient, and fun.


He owns Crawdaddy Music on Main Street.

He sells musical instruments, gear, equipment, and books.  He is never in a hurry.  He is always in a good mood.  He is always up for a jam session.  Anytime.

This is the left side the store.   If you look close you can see there is a little loft in the back.


This is what is in the loft.  A groovy dude & 2 kids playing their guitars.


We’ve been taking music lessons at Crawdaddy for over 4 years.  My son has been taking guitar for 4 years.  My girls have taken piano & my oldest girl is now taking guitar.  In the 4 + years we’ve been going there I’d never met the violin teacher.

I’ve been hearing about the violin teacher for years.  I’d never met him.

NOTHING could have prepared me.

I was told he was a big guy.  He has competed nationally in body building competitions.  He’s won a few.

They also told me that he rode a vintage BMW Motorcycle.  OK, so he likes bikes.  I still had NO IDEA what I was in for.


I was also told that he was bald.

You would think that I would have been prepared.  I wasn’t.

I finally met the violin teacher.  This year he has a lesson while we are there. We chat it up while he waits for his student to show up.  First, I’ll tell you that he is the nicest guy in the world. He’s always smiling.  He loves kids.  He is an incredible violinist & a great teacher.

Now, I’m going to describe him for you.  He wears combat boots. He drives a motorcycle.  He has no hair. He wears tiny sunglasses when he’s inside & it’s cloudy out.  Every shirt I have seen him in has the sleeves ripped off.  His muscles are bigger than my car.

Did I mention the handle bar mustache?


And he teaches small children how to play the violin.

Andie Kay, do you still want learn to play the violin?

Do ya?



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