Animal Scrapbook – The Faces In My World

Some folks I’ve recently crossed paths with.

faith's nose

I was going to snap some photo’s of Guinevere our new calf, but Faith (as usual) was in my lap and stealing the show.

Faith could not be happier that Crumple is gone and Rosie is here.  Crumple was WAAAAAAAAAY too big to still be nursing.  Crumple did not think he was too big to be nursing.  Now he’s gone.

Rosie is Faith’s new BFF.  They graze together, they groom each other, they nap in the pasture together,  they are even co-parenting Rosie’s calf Guinevere.  Faith seems very happy to have some company that is not constantly slurping a snack from her udder.

chicken in hand

We moved all the baby chicks (who are teenage chicks now) to the big coop to join the rest of the flock.  To learn more about the Redneck Method of keeping chickens go here.

loading 13

Oink!  It’s never good if there is a number spray-painted on your back.  These “soon to be Easter Hams” were at the processor when we dropped off our steer last week.

shutup and dance

Here is my youngest child singing, “Shut-up and Dance” in the back seat of my van.  We also have a video, but I’m sure you have better things to do.

chore boy

Our pulsator stopped working on Saturday, which meant we got to milk 2 cows by hand.  Good times.

This also meant an impromptu, unexpected trip downtown to our favorite Dairy Supply Store.  I got a refurbished pulsator that works.  I also got some cool pictures of old stuff (like this Chore-Boy clock).

ping sink

Ping always makes me smile.  If you haven’t met Ping, he is our first duck. He wears diapers, swims in my sink and has his own pool.  You can read all about him here:


ping again

We’ve been getting more than our share of “April Showers” this spring, so Ping needs another bath.

foghorn karate

Go Foghorn!  He is everything a rooster should be.  He protects his girls from predators, threats, unidentified farm vehicles, and evil shoes.

lap dog

Here’s Duke.  I have a love/hate relationship with this dog.  He is sweet, loyal, and seems to like it at our place.  On the other hand he is constantly making my life smell like Fritos.  He also likes to go into the woods and roll around in dead things.  He eats even deader things.  This causes him to smell worse than Fritos, need a bath, and puke all over my house.

He thinks he’s a lap dog, and my husband loves him.  So, he stays.


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