A Peek at The Farm

A Peek at The Farm

I thought you might want a peek at our place.


Here is the chicken coop.  It looks so sad and lonely.  There are all sorts of chickens in there laying healthy eggs for us.

We keep our chickens the redneck way.  No Fence, no cages, no electric wires.  We open the little chicken door on the side in the morning to let them all out.  They free range all day, eating all sorts of plants, grasses, bugs, and vegetables.  The hens will briefly go back in the coop to lay their eggs.  Just before sundown every evening they return to the coop to roost for the night.  We lock up the little, side door and they are all safe until the next morning.


Yes, we have an outhouse.

We also have bathrooms inside our house.  The outhouse is behind our big barn.  It comes in handy during outdoor parties and bonfires.  It also comes handy when I am in the garden & don’t feel like walking to the house.   Or if I feel like hanging out with mice….. or spiders……. on second thought,  I think I’ll just walk to the house.

It even has a moon on the door.  Traditional outhouses had either a sun (boys bathroom) or moon (girls bathroom) on the door.  Because the girls bathroom was usually cleaner, most folks would use the outhouse with the moon on it (even the gentlemen, I’ve been told).   This made the moon symbol the popular sign for bathroom.

That’s pretty much all I know about outhouses.  I’m not even sure how much of it is true.  It’s just what we were told when we got ours.

In this picture you can see my garden front & center.  The chicken coop is in the back on the left.  Our big, red barn is there behind the garden with the star on it.  I love the big red barn.  I love barn stars.

My garden is only about 50 feet by 50 feet.  It’s not huge, but it provides us with plenty of food, weeds, and it is my happy place.  Sometimes I think I would like a bigger garden, at the same time, if it were too big it would not be a happy place anymore.  If it were too big it may become a chore, a burden, an unhappy place.


This is the pig area.  It was a lush beautiful grassy pasture.  That was 3 months ago.  We have 3 pigs this year who have been eating, killing and rooting up anything living.  Last year we had 2 pigs.  I like bacon.  Last year I ran out of bacon in January, so this year we have 3.


Hello Boys!


This is the Cow Barn.  The Milking Parlor.   Faith’s happy place.  In this building our milk cow gets washed, toweled, massaged, fed deliciousness, milked, and loved.  Faith loves this barn.  She comes running if she even thinks someone may be considering letting her into this glorious building.


This is field #1.  In the middle of the field you can see the run-in for our cows.  It gives them a cozy place to hang out if it is rainy, windy or snowy.  Our cows rarely use their run-in.   See those woods straight back?  Their pasture goes quite a ways into the woods.  Our cows love hanging out in the woods.  It’s cool.  It’s shady.  It’s a natural windbreak.  And, they can eat all the low hanging leaves.  There are no leaves on any branches within the cows reach.  Cows love woods and leaves.DSC01153


This is field #2.

We have 2 fields so we can rotate our cows from one field to the other.  This allows each field to have time to rest.  We usually keep the cows in a field for 3-4 weeks then move them into the other field.  By doing this the grass can grow, the ground can recover, and the poop can be scooped.

When we first got our cow we only had one field.  She ate it bald.  She stomped on it.  She pooped on it.  It was a disaster.   She needed more field to eat, stomp and poop on.

The field needed a break from all the eating, stomping and pooping.  So, we fenced in our second field.  Now, we move the cows from field to field.  When the cows come back onto the rested field it is lush, green, and thick.  Yummy!

Not on our tour today was the rabbits, cats, dog or ducks.  Stay tuned for updates & critters.

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